Seven Sisters, England.

Midlake - Roscoe - Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation by RichardNorris

Rose… under a glass dome

Title: Desire Lines Artist: Deerhunter 5,527 plays

Deerhunter // Desire Lines

Title: The Becoming Artist: Nine Inch Nails 345 plays
the me that you know used to have feelings, but the blood has stopped pumping and he’s left to decay

The Becoming | Nine Inch Nails

Title: Loved Despite of Great Faults Artist: Blonde Redhead 207 plays


Blonde Redhead - Loved Despite of Great Faults

Title: These Things Take Time Artist: The Smiths 69 plays


oh, the alcoholic afternoons 
when we sat in your room
they meant more to me 
than any, than any living thing on earth

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give it a listen, it’s worth it, definitely! ;)

Post Productions (Bob Dylan) // Positively 4th Street

Though I’ve always considered the sound of Bob Dylan’s harmonica pretty annoying (don’t ask me why, btw this one sounds like a special version, I’d upload the original one but the notebook where i stored all my discographies is shut down), I must admit that this is the first and only song that comes to my mind when I get betrayed by a “friend” of mine (if you have other suggestions, please, write me a message) and there ain’t no song apt for this moment as much as this one!

Enjoy and please, spend more time having fun and enyoing your own life than envying other people.